Daily Create #tdc2374

Create a wish list for a famous person

Create an wish list for a historical figure. Put in items that you think the figure would enjoy or need, and maybe add some drawings. You could use Amazon’s wish list facility for this.

For example, George Washington would definitely enjoy having some a leadership book, an axe, cherry tree seeds, and teeth.

Kool-aid Man is known for jumping through walls and wrecking your world. Immediately after you’ve cleaned the living room, there’s a high probability that Kool-aid man will come crashing through the wall, bellowing his signature phrase “OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” Fortunately, he brings a refreshing offering of Kool-aid brand red or purple ‘drank’ to help ease the pain.

But if he had a wish list, it’d probably include all the necessary items he’d need to fix your shit. Let’s face it….giant, sugar-water-containing, anthropomorphized, glass-decanter-man breaking through your wall is a feat in itself – he should break, right? But its still annoying.

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